Updated Monday January 28, 2019 by Amity Engelhardt.

TVWC Tournament Schedule 2018-19


The following is a list of Peak2Peak (P2P) league tournaments that we will attend as a club and will hold team weigh-ins and provide coaching for. You are not restricted to only these tournaments! Please let us know if you would like to enter your wrestler in any other tournaments (chances are you are not the only one) and we will help coordinate weigh-ins, carpooling, coaching, etc.

There are also several options for non-P2P league tournaments that we will communicate about throughout the season.

For event details and to see a full list of P2P events, please visit:


NOV 17: DGC-Monarch Mayhem- Louisville-PTN Challenge

DEC 08: DGC-Lighting Strikes Twice-Broomfield-PTN Challenge

DEC 15: DGC-Norco Challenge-PTN Challenge Berthoud

***Club-hosted tournament shared with Berthoud, will likely be located at TV, not Berthoud. Please plan to sign up for at least one volunteer shift!

DEC 22: DGC-Thompson Valley Holiday Bash-PTN Challenge

***Club-hosted tournament. Please plan to sign up for at least one volunteer shift!


Dec 16 (Sunday afternoon) Eagles Dual Team Invite. More details to come! This is not a Peak2Peak event.

******Club Breaks for Holidays – 1st practice of 2019 is January 7th. Registration for Beginner Session 2 opens on 12/1 – Beginners MUST re-enroll for Session 2 if they would like to continue wrestling!


JAN 12 League Regionals Northern @ Mountain View HS

FEB 02 The HeartBreaker @ Fort Lupton High School

FEB 09 BearCave Brawl @ Broomfield HS

FEB 16 Takedown Cancer with Tanner @ Frederick HS

And for those of us who can’t get enough wrestling and want more mat time, here are more 2018 options!

The following are optional, so no guarantee we will have TVWC coaches there. You will also be responsible for registering your wrestler on for the Grappling Gobbler and the Hall of Fame Classic. The King of the Mountain is P2P, so we can get you registered at club practice beforehand. Please let us know if you need assistance!

Saturday 11/24 – The Grappling Gobbler at Roosevelt High School in Johnstown. Click HERE to access the event flyer and register on by 11/23 at 4pm. Honor system – no weigh-ins.

Sunday 11/25 – Hall of Fame Classic at Highlands Ranch High School. Click HERE to access the event flyer and register on by noon on 11/24. Honor system – no weigh-ins.

Saturday 12/1 -12/2 – Dan Gable Classic-King of the Mountain-PTN Challenge at The Broadmoor World Arena in CO Springs. Currently the event flyer is not available, but if you are interested, please let us know and we will help get you weighed in & registered at club practice since this is a Peak2Peak tournament. 12/2 is for true beginners -- 1st and 2nd year wrestlers only!


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