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2018-2019 Season

Updated Thursday July 18, 2019 by TVWC.

General Information - Please note: the session dates below are still 2018-19, please check back in late August/early September for 2019-20 dates. The rest of the information is still accurate. Thanks!

Thanks for your interest in Thompson Valley Wrestling Club!

TVWC is a member of the Peak2Peak Wrestling League. All boys and girls age 4-15 are welcome!

Divisions: 4U, 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 15U (9/1 Date of Birth Cutoff)

Sessions:             Beginner Session 1:  Nov. 5th – Dec.  22nd

                                Intermediate/Advanced: Nov. 5th – Feb. 15th

Beginner Session 2: Jan. 7th – Feb. 15th (session 1s invited to re-register for 2nd session)

Practice Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday: Beginners 6:00-6:45pm    Intermediate/Advanced 7:00-8:15pm

Thursday: Live practice for Intermediate/Advanced: 6:00-7:00pm, modified to 5:00-5:45pm when High School duals begin on November 29th.

**Please note - we will NOT have practice on days when there are school closures for any reason.

Tournament Schedule: The P2P league has a list of all tournamets on their website ( The Club has chosen 4 tournaments per session (8 total for Intermed/Adv) to attend as a team (see tournament schedule menu). We normally participate in state tournaments at the end of the season and may consider adding at least one optional national travel tournament this year, depending on interest. 

Wrestlers are encouraged to compete at all club events but it is not mandatory. Wrestlers are also welcome to compete in additional tournaments during the season, but we cannot guarantee coaches at the non-club tournaments.

THE primary source of income for our club is the P2P tournament that we will host at TVHS which is currently expected to be on December 22nd. Please understand that we truly need all hands on deck for this tournament to be successful, so please save the date now! We cannot over-emphasize how important your help is to our club’s tournament- the income from this event is what keeps the club running.

Coaches: We LOVE our coaches!!! We could absolutely not run a wrestling season without them. If you are a parent with wrestling experience in your background and are interested in coaching, please let us know. All coaches who are able to commit to supporting our wrestlers at tournaments will have their USA Wrestling Coach’s card ($45) paid for and will receive a free club t-shirt.

***Costs associated with the season:

Registration (club t-shirt included):           Beginner sessions $70/each         Advanced $140

Uniform-Singlet: $45 (new design in 2018-19 is not mandatory…wrestlers can use last year’s singlet if preferred)

Uniform 2-piece (“MMA” style): $75 (optional in place of singlet or in addition to singlet)

USA Wrestling Card: $15 Limited Folkstyle Season (required at registration before wrestlers can practice) If you already have an account with USAW, you just have to log in and renew your membership for the new year. If you are new to USAW, you will need to create a parent account and create a profile for each of your wresters before purchasing their membership. Here is a link to USAW's help page if you need assistance:

Tournament Fees: The P2P League charges a $20 entry fee per wrestler per tournament. This fee is payable to TVWC at weigh-ins which are usually held on Wednesdays prior to tournament Saturdays.

***TVWC is a 501c3 non-profit, which means you can solicit donations and sponsorships from local businesses to offset your costs. 10% of sponsorship is retained by the club for administration of the sponsorship program. Please see the sponsorship page for the solicitation letter and application. Note - sponsorship funds will be tracked per wrestler and can roll forward to future seasons but cannot be refunded to the wrestler for any reason. Please also consider soliciting donations and sponsorships to the club in general for scholarship fund, team travel, team gear, tournament concession stand, or other admin costs.